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The photographer requested that his name not be used and said he would not release the image to the public until NASA experts had time to examine it.

Although there are several possible benign explanations for the image — such as a barely perceptible jiggle of the camera as it took the time exposure — NASA’s zeal to examine the photo demonstrates the lengths at which the agency is going to tap the resources of ordinary Americans in solving the puzzle. Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors’ parts and obligations incorporate estimation of plan cost and costs for development, planning assessment calendars, get ready reports expected to get regard from the administration, keeping up different wages and results of the property, proposing arrangement for the development etc. Late Tuesday, NASA dispatched former shuttle astronaut Tammy Jernigan, now a manager at California’s Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, to the San Francisco home of the astronomer to examine his digital images and to take the camera itself to Mountain View, where it was to be transported by a NASA T-38 jet to Houston.

A San Francisco Chronicle reporter was present when the astronaut arrived. First seeing the image on a large computer screen, she had one word: “Wow.” Keeping in mind the end goal to characterize a short rundown about surveyors, each amount surveyor has colossal parts and obligations in estimations as well as in different operations as specified previously.

Jernigan, who is no longer working for NASA, quizzed the photographer on the aperture of the camera, the direction he faced and the estimated exposure time — about four to six seconds on the automatic Nikon 880 camera. It was mounted on a tripod, and the shutter was triggered manually.

In the critical shot, a glowing purple rope of light corkscrews down toward the plasma trail, appears to pass behind it, then cuts sharply toward it from below. As it merges with the plasma trail, the streak itself brightens for a distance, then fades. Their obligation begins right from the earliest starting point of the development and keeps on proceeding till the fulfillment of the venture.

“It certainly appears very anomalous,” said Jernigan. “We sure will be very interested in taking a very hard look at this.”

Jernigan flew five shuttle missions herself during the 1990s, including three on Columbia. On her last flight, the pilot of the craft was Rick Husband, who was at the controls when Columbia perished. Every operations and methodologies are perplexing to do. The figuring of a property depreciation schedule is a complex assignment which obliges ability and involvement in both expense law and development expenses to give a precise report. “He was one of the finest people I could ever hope to know,” said Jernigan.