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How to Lose Weight Easily in 4 Simple Steps By Nia Cooper

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Are you tired of battling the bulge?

If so, then I know exactly how you feel!

I have gained and lost weight during various times in my life, and I can attest to the difficulty in losing pounds and keeping them off.

No matter how hard it may seem, maintaining a healthy weight can be as simple as keeping a positive frame of mind, developing an eating plan centered around basic foods, and including an easy-to-do workout routine that offers fitness results without driving you insane.

Here are 4 e-a-s-y tips that if followed,can yield great weight loss results and get rid of those unwanted pounds. These steps can allow you to lose weight easily.

1. Plan your meals for the day.

Allow the first two meals of the day to consist of healthy fruits and vegetables. (For instance, have a delicious fruit salad for breakfast and a nice veggie salad for lunch.) Allow your dinner to consist of a balanced meal, and lay off on the second helpings….please! (Smile….I know this may seem a little hard at first.) The dinner meal should consist of 1 meat and 2 healthy vegetable side items. (Watch those portion sizes.)

2. Get your body moving.

Walking, for the most part, is an exercise that just about anyone can do and just 30 minutes a day can be a great start to getting your body in shape.

3. Stay positive.

No matter how much weight you have to lose, it is always important to be patient with yourself. The extra weight did not suddenly appear on your body overnight, nor can you expect it to go away….overnight.

4. Write about it.

Keeping a journal will help you to stay motivated during your weight loss endeavor. On those frustrating days when you feel like giving up your quest to get fit, you will have a daily written record that will allow you to stay focused.

Most of all, try to view this fitness quest as one that is full of challenges, fun, and adventure!

Yes, you too can battle the bulge….and win!

Nia Cooper is an online writer who enjoys motivating others to reach their weight loss goals. If you would like to receive a free fat-loss secrets online report- check out []

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Proactol Clinically proven fat binder

Monday, June 21st, 2010


Clinically proven fat binder

Its a sad fact, but the human race is going through an “obesity epidemic”, which will drive an estimated $150 billion spending in 2007 on weight loss.

Proactol is a groundbreaking development in weight loss treatment, and is exactly what over weight people have been waiting for.

Clinically proven to reduce fat intake by nearly 30%, very few weight loss products available without prescription are as effective as Proactol. Set to revolutionize how we lose weight, and keep it off.

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Pure Acai Berry Max – Turbo charge your weight loss efforts.

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Acai Berry has long been marketed as a dietary supplement and is known for its antioxidant properties – a super fruit that can

turbo charge your weight loss efforts.

Pure Acai Berry Max is unlike any other Acai Berry product on the  market, offering 1500mg of high grade


Acai Berry per serving, making it the highest yield Acai Berry product

on the market today.

With a 6 month guarantee and containing all natural ingredients, is set to become the most popular Acai Berry product on the market.

Target Audience: Male & Female surfers looking to lose weight.


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