Solicitors help in the entire Method of Conveyancing

We have worked very closely with DSS agencies and through our partnership approach we have achieved. greater understanding of fraud and security issues across DSS. closer working between policy makers and practitioners by discussing our findings with the key players. a commitment from each Chief Executive to improve the social security system. The inspection, London South Directorate (AD3) which included fieldwork in South London and the South East. was a major exercise.

It involved some 30 BFI staff who visited over 20 sites in AD3, 2 Benefit Centres and BA Central Services offices over an 8 week period. Up to 150 BA staff were interviewed and there was extensive sampling of claims and fraud investigations. We worked closely with BA to produce a report which recognised the scale and complexity Process of Conveyancing of BA business and highlighted good practice and produced a set of forward looking and practical recommendations.

BA staff were also praised for their dedication and commitment to do a good job often in difficult circumstances. The report identifies some weaknesses in Incapacity Benefit processing, Income Support control and risks to benefit security. BA Area Director Chris McDonald formally acknowledged the value of the BFI report in a letter to all his staff. There is nothing which is a complete surprise to us we live every day with the challenges of competing priorities and know where the weaknesses are. But this report does give us, in a single document, a clear view which will help us to overcome them. BA is committed to improving standards and has produced a comprehensive plan of action addressing each area of weakness identified in the report. These will be monitored at both area and national level. We have made a difference to the way DSS considers fraud in a child support context and raised awareness of the need to improve security. We were invited by Faith Boardman, Chief Executive, to carry out an inspection and to work in partnership.

The Contributions Agency (CA) is responsible for maintaining more than 65 million National Insurance (NI) accounts and collecting some £3.5 billion each year. We found areas for improvement in the processes surrounding creating accounts, transaction handling and account management. Our recommendations included the need for an effective logging system and a more proactive approach to managing NI accounts. developed a comprehensive plan to implement many of our recommendations to improve the existing systems of control.