Trail Hiking & Camping Recommendations For Newcomers

The hardest part about being a novice hiker is soaking up and synthesizing all the details you will need. Trail hiking and camping along trails is one of those things that needs some know-how and consideration prior to actually starting your trip. In order to make it easy for you, we have created a listing of the main guidelines beginners should become aware of about trail hiking and camping.

Plan in advance

Going hiking on a trail isn’t something you decide to do out of the blue or on a whim unless you are a truly rugged outdoorsman with intimate expertise in hiking and the trails you’re going on. For everyone else, it is wise to plan ahead and know some basics about the area. It is a good idea to have a map and study the routes in advance, to ensure you appreciate how far the trails are and know the place you would like to take a break or setup camp. Planning a route may prevent you from becoming lost or not calculating distances properly.

Do not overwork your body

If you’ve already gone hiking and camping, you presumably know your physical limits. It’s fine to push your body a touch, but don’t overdo it, specifically in areas which are faraway or you are new to. If you ever push yourself too much, fatigue can make you more susceptible to injury and possibly unable to hike out from the area. Anytime you’re walking, make an attempt taking a break every hour to rest and drink plenty of water. Making routine stops and walking at the right speed may prevent you against getting over-worked.

Dress yourself in suitable apparel

Absolutely nothing could make the hike more difficult than being dressed in the wrong clothes. When you plan ahead, make sure you get weather conditions so you know what camping clothes are the best. For instance, if it is going to be chilly, make sure you bring a coat, thermals and multiple layers. In order to avoid getting bug bites or becoming contaminated with poison ivy, always wear long sleeve shirts and pants, even during the summer.

Bring in the appropriate equipment

While you’re on the trail or camping for the night, you should bring the right supplies. Look for a checklist you should follow if you are going camping while on a trail. For anyone who is just going hiking, some of the essentials you must have are great walking footwear that won’t cause harm to your feet, a lot of water and a few snacks to keep you energized. Also, make sure you have a emergency first aid kit, cellphone and compass in the event you wander away from the trail.

Stay intelligent and do not go crazy

As previously written, you shouldn’t overwork yourself or work like an experienced hiker if you are first starting out. For example, novices must not veer away from designated trails. Trails are there to steer hikers around areas, so leaving one could possibly result in becoming lost. Remember to use extreme care and stay wise about all you do on the trail.

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