How other factors do depend on the process of conveyancing ?

The Permanent Secretary had also said that interest Statewide Conveyancing would not be paid for delayed payments, as the delay did not constitute maladministration. It had been agreed that the announcement [of the delay] should be made by response to a written PQ and the answer issued as a press release. After answering the PQ, the then Minister issued a press release about the delayed payments.

He said that MAN has commenced payments under the main scheme on 17 October and as at 13 December 27,209 (58%) of the claims had been paid. He said that the timing of those payments had a great impact on farmers’ cash flows; the delay undermined their ability to compete in the EU market. particularly when most French producers had received their payments in October. He asked the then Minister what action would be taken to prevent a similar occurrence in 1996. MAFF sent to the Permanent Secretary a weekly progress report on the scheme.

They said that the simplified procedure has not improved the figures as many of the simplified claims had been processed during periods when computer processing time for main claims had been slow. That has ensured that all available resources had been fully taken up on the scheme.They reminded the Permanent Secretary that although simplified claims represented nearly 40% of all the claims that had been received they accounted for only 5% of the monies due. They said that there was little more that could be done other than to resolve any outstanding queries with farmers and to rely on the efforts of staff.

The forecast calculations attached estimated that 82% of payments would be made by the end of December and 98% by the end of January. MAFFs legal department wrote to the Division advising them on the payment of interest for delayed payments. They said that the matter was governed by EC law European Court of Justice case law in relation to remedies was that persons seeking to enforce EC rights must be able to rely on effective protection and, in any event.