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This raises the level of allowable income to $150 for families and $100 for single clients. Also, changes to the act increase the amount payable for fuel costs in recognition of the impact of rising fuel prices in the Yukon. This is just part of the ongoing examination of the Social Assistance Act and its regulations, We are going to continue to explore opportunities that emphasize attachment to the workforce and increase employment supports that help break down the welfare wall. WHITEHORSE – Yukon Housing Corp. has introduced special incentives to reduce residential heating costs and improve energy efficiency this winter, Wayne Jim, the minister responsible for the corporation, announced today at a press conference. view more: E Settlement Agents Perth

Attractive interest rates and incentives for energy efficiency testing will make the cost of home repairs end energy upgrades more affordable, Loans to repair or upgrade residential rental property will be offered at a three per cent interest rate, if 50 per cent of the repairs or upgrades begin by June 31. EnerGuide Residential Audits will be available for $99, one-third of the regular cost, until June 30.

The board of directors wants consumers to have reliable information on which to base their decisions, Combustion testing will enable home owners to decide if their furnace is serviceable, if they should upgrade their burners or replace the heating system. If home owners hire a certified oil burner mechanic to conduct a combustion efficiency test on oil furnaces or boilers they are eligible for a $25 rebate, or $50 for seniors. For home owners in communities where there isn’t a resident certified oil burner mechanic, the rebates increase to $50 and to a maximum of $75 for seniors. If home owners service, upgrade or replace their heating systems they will be eligible for an additional $25 rebate. There is a $20,000 budget for this new service and it will be available until June 30 or until the program is fully subscribed.

The new interest rates apply to all current Home Repair and Residential Rehabilitation clients who have applied but have not yet received formal approval of their applications. Every dollar spent by international tourism investors sees a return of $7 to the Yukon economy. WHITEHORSE – The Yukon government will provide $50,000 each to the Yukon Quest International, Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous and NMI Mobility Thunder on Ice for the 2001 winter season, Tourism Minister Sue Edelman announced today.