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Arrangements should provide the opportunity for the HC’s Innovation and Development Manager to accompany the independent accountant on at least one of the planned visits in order to monitor the process. The Corporation will look sympathetically at workload issues for RSLs, Auditors and it’s own Innovation & Development staff so as to avoid all audits being carried out at the end of financial years.

Where the accountant’s report highlights deficiencies in procedural compliance the RSL (Lead) should submit to the HC an initial response to these findings within 14 days of receipt of the reports setting out the reasons for the deficiencies and the corrective measures being undertaken. Upon receipt of the accountant’s report and checklists the HC will consider the results of the accountant’s factual assessment and form an opinion on the extent that the HC may be assured that procedures and funding conditions have been complied with, and that public funds have been used for the intended purposes. The duties owed to the HC by the accountant under the agreement cease when the specified report, signed by both the Lead Grant recipient and the accountant, and completed checklists are received by the HC all as set out below.

The Lead Grant recipient is responsible for using grant for the purposes provided, maintaining proper records complying with the terms of any legislation or regulatory requirements and the HC’s terms and conditions of grant and providing relevant information to the HC on a basis in accordance with the requirements of the grant conditions. The Lead Grant recipient and the HC accept that the ability of the accountant to perform the work effectively depends upon the Lead Grant recipient providing Partnering Programme Agreement GENERAL-2 The Housing Corporation Capital Funding Guide July 2006 full and free access to the financial and other records and the Lead Grant recipient shall procure that any such records held by a third party are made available to the accountant.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the firm of accountants, its partners and staff neither owe nor accept any duty to any person other than the Lead Grant recipient and the HC including, The accountant will perform the engagement with reasonable skill and care and acknowledges that it will be liable to the Lead Grant recipient and the HC for losses, damages costs or expenses caused by its breach of contract, negligence or wilful default, subject to the following provisions. Learn more: E Settlement Agents Perth