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Pursue and develop a range of alternative funding sources on both an organisational and individual level. Carry out the necessary additional research and policy reviews required to meet the overall aims and objectives of the strategy. The Housing Executive’s strategy is aimed at ensuring that all sectors of the housing market in Northern Ireland avail of the benefits of energy efficiency. Within its own stock, the Executive will endeavour to optimise the energy efficiency of homes through a programme of physical works.

The Housing Executive will look for opportunities to integrate energy conservation measures into existing planned improvement and maintenance programmes as a means of marginalising the costs. The housing association sector has a higher average SAP score than other tenure groups. Nevertheless, both the Housing Executive and associations themselves recognise that more work can be done to further improve energy efficiency within this sector, particularly among the older stock that scored below the average figure.

The Housing Executive will encourage housing associations to further improve energy efficiency of their stock through the integration of appropriate works within planned maintenance and improvement scheme. As with its own stock, the Housing Executive will recommend the use of energy efficient heating systems and controls within housing association stock. Although small as a proportion of the total housing stock, nevertheless, it is a matter of concern that the average energy efficiency score for this sector was so far below the Northern Ireland average. The Housing Executive will encourage private landlords to invest in making their properties more energy efficient and would emphasise the financial benefits that this would bring for themselves in addition to reducing fuel bills and improving comfort levels for their tenants.

The situation will be monitored to establish if improvements are achieved within this sector and to confirm whether any further legislation is required. Whilst financial incentives to encourage the uptake of physical measures will be directed at the owner occupied sector; items such as low energy lightbulbs and efficient electrical appliances apply across all tenures. The Housing Executive will build upon existing advice sources i.e. Local Energy Advice Centres and Domestic Energy Efficiency Scheme (DEES) installers, and further train key staff in its own offices to provide advice. Detailed info here: E conveyancing Adelaide

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We have also updated our recruitment policy taking into account all relevant legislation and up to date guidance from ODPM and the Cabinet Office. Within the overall Race Equality Scheme we have developed and will now implement our own two-year Action Plan. This process will complement our progress in equality proofing our processes and policies leading to a more equitable working environment for all. The Agency has supported its drive for a diverse workforce by investing in training of 8 people to become harassment investigation officers. They are now able to provide support to our staff who may consider they have been subject to harassment in the workplace. We have provided our staff with welfare and counselling services, to address any concerns.

Our provision has extended to providing not only specialist external consultants but we have also appointed a dedicated senior manager as our Welfare Manager. This post provides internal focus for both staff and managers to air issues of concern and seek resolutions or remedial action. The Agency has continued to move towards more openness and accountability, by inviting Trades Union representatives and observers drawn from our own staff. We continue to work closely with Trade Union representatives and our staff to develop policies and outcomes in a constructive and inclusive manner. The Anonymous Feedback Scheme was launched in April 02 and has become a popular conduit where staff can raise concerns anonymously and with confidence. Profile has evolved into an informative newsletter with contributions from staff within the organisation. Detailed info here: E Conveyancing Brisbane

The newsletter covers items such as management issues, legislative items of interest and progress of new and important areas of work within the Agency. Profile is also used to introduce new members of staff to a wider audience and contains details of staff moves. The Agency has been successful in negotiating additional funding from Treasury for its e-business projects. This amounts to £3.2m to take forward work on electronic interfaces for market evidence, remote working and to implement a financial management and human resources IT systems.

Although this is an Agency initiative, we have taken it forward in partnership with all interested parties. The system is in operation in 6 local authorities with many others showing great interest in the technology. VICTOR has been deployed to 45% of the service and through volume and day to day management of our workload we have found areas requiring further development.