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Most important reason – why should hire proficient Depreciation Surveyors?

The debates, to be held one year after British police forces start to grapple with the recommendations of the Lawrence inquiry, will set the tone for world-wide policing developments in the opening years of the next century.

[DSG Retail] does not advertise vacancies for senior management posts. The Tribunal recommended that all senior managers likely to come into contact with Mr Bawa ‘should receive training on equal opportunities and the avoidance of discrimination on the ground of race in the workplace. Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors’ parts and obligations incorporate estimation of plan cost and costs for development, planning assessment calendars, get ready reports expected to get regard from the administration, keeping up different wages and results of the property, proposing arrangement for the development etc. Commenting on the decision, Sir Herman Ouseley, Chairman of the CRE, said the decision pointed yet again to the continuing problems of workplace racial discrimination which is persistently high, as reflected in complaints to the CRE.

These will cover issues such as health, education, training, employment, social exclusion and racial harassment. Prime Minister Tony Blair said today that it would enable ‘Britain to share our unique achievements in this area with the rest of the world’. Sir Peter Bonfield, Chief Executive of the leading sponsor BT, said that diversity in the field of employment ‘makes sound business sense’.

CRE Chairman Sir Herman Ouseley said: Global cultural diversity and the global market make it essential that we learn to view diversity as a social and economic strength. A forward looking attitude, strong anti-discrimination measures, powerful leadership and public education programmes, together with honest and open debate and celebration of our successes, will make this aim a reality.

Home Secretary Jack Straw, who will be taking part in the Congress, said it would be ‘an event of international significance which will help set a positive agenda for seeking solutions to race and cultural issues in the coming century’. The work of building the Congress is being launched at a special event, sponsored by Barclays Bank, in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office tonight.

It is expected that several cities will bid to host a third Congress some four or five years into the new Millennium. DSG Retail, owners of the Dixons and Currys chains, have been found guilty of racial discrimination and victimisation against one of its Asian store managers, the CRE announced today. For example no training has been provided to managers at any level to implement the equal opportunities policy. and appraisals to ensure that they do not discriminate.